The game within the game – the growth of mobile eSports

The game within the game – the growth of mobile eSports

Anyone familiar with the 2010 Sci-fi film Inception will be aware of the concept of a dream within a dream. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy, the film explores the many levels of consciousness that exist within the brain.
Those following the progress of eSports will be aware of the many levels that exist within the sport.

While still emerging as a major sport, the commercial successes are evident with huge prize pools, major sponsors and growing sponsorship all involved.

If the future is eSports, then the future within the future is mobile eSports. Playstation, Xbox and desktops games are the perceived arenas for the eSports player however mobile game livestreaming, still in its early days, is showing strong signs of growth.

Only a handful of leading mobile games have the elements that are best suited for live streaming, one of those is Critical Ops.


To the millions of people who have downloaded and regularly play the game for fun or in eSports tournaments, Critical Ops is no secret -but for a game that’s almost always featured in Top 5 lists of the best games for mobile esports and ‘games to watch in 2017’, it’s developers have been less visible.

In its home country of Finland where Critical Force won the ‘Finnish Game Developer of the Year Award for 2016’ (a prize won previously by Supercell *2012 and Rovio *2010) it is a well known and highly regarded company- and by the end of the year I expect they will be known by a great many in the games industry.

Critical Force will be attending GDC in San Francisco this year with the aim of increasing its gaming and esports network and building partnerships in the industry.

Critical Ops CEO Veli-Pekka Piirainen along with Head of Community & Esports Juri Juskevits and Esports Business Development Consultant John Armstrong, plan to make the most of their trip to the West Coast. The team will be meeting Critical Ops gamers, gaming teams and casters along the way, with Armstrong remaining in LA for a further 2 months; assisting with the building of Critical Ops communities, tournaments and making business connections.

‘It’s an amazing time for Critical Force, Armstrong commented, ‘Critical Ops is seeing huge growth in player numbers and a great deal of this is taking place in the US. We thought it was time we came and introduced ourselves properly, to the industry and the players.’

So, if you will be attending GDC or are in the area at the time of the event -or otherwise would just like to schedule a meeting in California with the Critical Force team, get in touch.
John Armstrong-

References: Award: Critical Force wins “Finnish Game Developer of the Year 2016″ award. Finnish language report:

Number of players:


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