The Sportego Fan Engagement Podcast #6

The Sportego Fan Engagement Podcast #6

On the latest Sportego Fan Engagement podcast we were joined by Mary McGuire from Basketball Ireland and Bas Schnater from Dutch side, AZ Alkmaar. There was plenty of laughs and some serious insights as we spoke about the role of the sponsor in Fan Activations, what a fan engagement manager does and what trends are catching the eye. We think you will agree that it makes for entertaining and enlightening Fan Engagement conversation!

Our Fan Engagement Conference (FECKK) returns to Kilkenny on the 29th of March. It promises to be a fantastic event, with a brilliant and diverse panel of speakers and there will be ample opportunity to network with some of the preeminent experts in this field. Go to to check out the event and purchase your tickets. Use the code Innovation at checkout for a discount rate. We would love to see you there.

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