Colm Ó Méalóid

Colm Ó Méalóid

Chief Betting Editor & Betting Expert


I have four years of experience in the legal field having worked in private practice, and recently worked as a commercial advisor for the International Olympic Committee. Additionally, I have had a passion for linguistics and journalism since childhood. I have read hundreds of books on writing quality content and editing it. My skills enable me to effectively review the content created by our authors. I believe that I bring organization, clarity, and focus to our team, as well as a love for betting.

Experience in Betting

I started betting 5 years ago. I have loved watching football and boxing since childhood. Over time, I became more interested in watching matches by placing bets on the outcomes. Eventually, I began to study bookmakers in more detail, including their licensing and more. My interest led me to where I am now.

Learn More About Me

In my free time, I love to travel and read books. I have visited over 30 countries and read more than a hundred books. I enjoy reading professional literature as well as detective novels. I believe that my love for reading helps me create engaging and concise content.

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