Sportego’s Fan Engagement Roundup

Sportego’s Fan Engagement Roundup
8, June 2017 Donnacha Brennan

At Sportego we specialise in aiding Fan Understanding and Engagement, using data. Our approach is to analyse fan data and also the fan experience, and use both to improve the fan experience and increase revenue opportunities. Below you will find a selection of the best Fan Engagement stories we came across recently, which we feel show innovation in the areas of fan engagement and sponsorship activation. They first featured in our most recent Fan Engagement Newsletter which went out this week.

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notts county


Notts County launch unique first-team shirt sponsorship deal

In a bid to have shirt sponsors with a “place in the community”, the Magpies are offering firms the chance to sponsor the first-team shirt on a month-by-month basis. While the obvious “problem” such a move would present is that replica shirts cannot therefore be pre-printed with the sponsors logo on the shirt, supporters can choose to have the sponsor of their choice put on their shirt at the point of sale (at no extra cost) should they choose to do so. Read More

Sportego Analysis: This could prove to be an excellent strategy for clubs of the stature of Notts County, who may be able to get more revenue from multiple smaller sponsorship deals, rather than one larger contract. It also allows local businesses to get involved with their club due to the lower costs involved. Bravo Notts County, we wish them luck and are interested to see how this works for them.


tony barrett

Liverpool launch new Fan Engagement Initiative

Liverpool FC have created a new and innovative Club and Supporter Liaison office, to be headed by journalist Tony Barrett, in response to a Populus fan survey. How is this initiative “different”?  Read More

Sportego Analysis: Fans can be cynical (and for good reason at times) of their club’s engagement initiatives. However, Liverpool have gained automatic credibility for their new department by appointing Tony Barrett as its director. Barrett is not only a respected journalist and well known fan, but he showed the strength of his convictions in the past when he left his position with the Times due to his unhappiness with the way his then-employer handled its reporting on the Hillsborough verdict. His involvement tells fans that the club are intent on this being more than just a PR exercise.




Sponsorships are all about joining Fan Conversations

Forget eyeballs on perimeter boards & media exposure, sponsorship is about engaging in conversations and interacting with fans according to Nissan Global Brand GM, Gerhard Fourie…. Read More

Sportego Analysis: True engagement is more than just having fans see your brand name, it is about convincing them to actively engage and interact with you and your brand, and so you have to join them in discussions that interest them. Nissan’s Gerhard Fourie gives an excellent example of that in action at the Rio Olympic games, well worth your time reading.


NY Yankees Attendance



How are the NY Yankees dealing with falling attendance numbers?

Falling attendance in a new stadium has meant that the NY Yankees are examining the fan experience and engagement… Read More

Sportego Analysis: One of the most storied sporting organisations in the world, the New York Yankees are going through a period of transition following the retirement of their star player Derek Jeter, and their fans acclimatising to a new stadium. That, allied to a trend of declining game-day attendances has caused the Yankees to really dig deep and look at how they engage with their fans, and the experience they provide at the stadium. Their findings will be of interest to a lot of organisations, regardless of their location, as they entice fans to feel the experience of attending live events is worth the expense.


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