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At Sportego, our team is made up of talented writers and analysts. We check online casinos and betting sites across Ireland and create monthly lists of the best ones out there. Our authors and editors create honest and helpful content that will help you navigate the gambling sphere.

Our team members at Sportego bring with them a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of Irish players’ behaviors. We strive to provide our readers with unbiased and up-to-date news, articles, and reviews. Each member of our team has a unique background and expertise. Here’s a quick overview of who they are and what they specialize in.

Hi, I’m James Dickens, and I’m the CEO of Sportego. With over 15 years of experience in Marketing Analytics, I’ve got a ton of know-how to bring to the table. My knack for analysis really comes in handy when preparing content for our website. I emphasize responsible gambling in my reviews and have studied betting analytically for the last 8 years. My aim? To spread the knowledge I’ve gathered with other bettors here in Ireland.

James Dickens
CEO / Betting Expert & Main Author

Hello everyone, my name is Colm Ó Méalóid. I am a betting expert and the editor-in-chief at Sportego. My experience in the legal field and my knowledge in journalism and linguistics help me create excellent content for Irish bettors. I hope my efforts are not in vain and that with the help of our content, you will find what you are looking for!

Colm Ó Méalóid
Chief Betting Editor & Betting Expert

Hi, I’m Donnacha Brennan, and I’m the Chief Redactor at Sportego. I bring three years of experience in Sports Marketing and over a decade of Client Management expertise, mainly within the Financial sector. With a degree in journalism, I excel at editing and refining our writers’ content to ensure top quality. My deep love for various sports, coupled with my dedication to delivering outstanding content, drives my commitment to providing our readers with the best possible experience.

Donnacha Brennan
Chief Redactor, Gambling Expert & Author

Hi, my name is Trev Keane and I am a gambling expert on the Sportego website. I have over 6 years of experience in sports marketing and have been playing casino games for over 10 years. I evaluate online casinos, create comparison charts, stay updated on laws, and keep track of the latest market trends every day. I have a wealth of information that can benefit other players, and I feel it’s my responsibility to protect them from scam sites. Welcome to my blog!

Trev Keane
Gambling Expert & Author

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