Privacy Policy

General Provisions

This policy for handling personal data follows the Law on Personal Data. It explains how personal data is processed and what measures the site (called the “Operator”) takes to keep data secure.

  • 1.1 The Operator’s main goal is to respect human and civil rights when processing personal data. This includes protecting privacy and personal and family secrets.
  • 1.2 This policy applies to all information the Operator may collect about visitors on

What Details We Gather on Our Site 

On our site, we collect various types of information:

  • When you check our site, we gather anonymous data about our visitors
  • We also look at details from your device, such as your operating system, preferred language, and the site you visited before ours
  • We track your activity on our site, including which pages you visit and how long you spend on them
  • If you subscribe to our newsletter or leave a comment, we may collect personal information that can identify you


When you visit our site, we might use cookies. These are small pieces of data that help us recognize you. Some cookies come from us, while others come from other sites.

We use different types of cookies:

  • Essential cookies. These are necessary for using our site on your computer or phone. If you disable them, you won’t have access to all our services
  • Functional cookies. These remember your interactions with the site and personalize content for you. You can opt out if you do not want us to store these cookies
  • Analytical cookies. These show us how many people visit our site and what they do here
  • Marketing cookies. These track what you see and do on our site to help us evaluate our marketing efforts

Purposes of Personal Data Processing

The purpose of processing the User’s personal data is to create, carry out, and end civil contracts. It also allows the User to access the services, information, and materials on the Sportego site. Additionally, it helps clarify order details.

The Operator can send the User updates about new products, services, special offers, and events. The User can stop receiving these messages at any time by emailing the Operator with ‘Unsubscribe from notifications about new products, services, and special offers’ in the subject line.

Anonymized User data collected through web statistics services is used to gather information about User activities on the site. This helps improve the site and its content.

  • The operator handles the User’s personal data only when the User fills out and sends their information through the special forms on the site Sportego. By filling out these forms and submitting their data, the User agrees to this policy.
  • The operator handles anonymized data if the User’s browser settings allow it (cookies are enabled and JavaScript is turned on).


Our services are for individuals who are 18 years or older. We need to verify your identity to make sure everything you share with us is accurate. If we discover that anyone under 18 has contacted us, we will delete from our database his/her personal details per immediately.

Final Provisions

  • If you have any questions about how we handle your personal information, feel free to send us an email. We’re here to help!
  • Whenever we update our policy on how we handle your personal data, we’ll make sure to update this document. Don’t worry, the policy sticks around unless we decide to bring out a new version.
  • You can always check out the latest version of our policy online at this page. It’s there for you to read whenever you need it.
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